Viking Drawing for T-Shirts

Handmade drawing of a wise old man, beautified with ancient Viking sybmols, edited with Gimp and Inkscape for printing on t-shirts, hoodies, etc.

This item is designed in 4500×5400 ratio and is available in PNG, XCF, etc. formats.

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Lazy Astronaut T-Shirt Design

This design is made by hand and edited by Gimp and Inkscape for shirts, hoodies, etc. after scan.

This item is available in 4500×5400 ratio and PNG, XCF, etc. formats.

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Santa Muerte

Handmade design that is edited by Gimp software for merch. We provide a variety of graphic design services. If you have a graphic design project and look for an expert team to perform it for you, just have in mind that a team with over 30 design experience is ready to help you here!