Slideshows (main screen)

This the screen that welcomes you the first time you enter the Antares admin area. This page provides you a list of all slideshows you create. Also, other options to get started with your creative idea.

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Further, we take a look at all the different parts of this page.
Fields with * are required.

Create New Slideshow:
This button leads you to a form that you can create your own slideshow.

Linked titles on the slideshows list:
The title of each slideshow gets linked to the relevant slideshow page. A page that lists all the slides created for this particular slideshow.

Edit buttons:
After you create a slideshow, you can always be back to it for editing the values. This link leads you where you do that.

Delete buttons:
These buttons have alerts for getting your confirmation to delete the slideshow. Note that this action will not only perform delete action on the slideshow, but it will do it to all the slides, objects, and particles that you have created for this slideshow. So please be mindful as Antares does not bother the administrator with alerts for small deals.

When you create a slideshow, Antares generates a shortcode for you to use it. The only thing you need to do for displaying your slideshow on the frontend is copying this shortcode and pasting it wherever in the content that you need it to show up. Antares shortcode works in articles, Text, and even HTML widgets.