When you click on a title in the list of slideshows on the main screen (“Slideshows” page) you enter the slideshow area. Here is where you can see, add, edit, or delete the slides included in this slideshow.

Each part of this page is explained below.

Back button:
Navigate back to the previous page.

Add Slide button:
Directs you to the slide form page, where you can create a new slide for the current slideshow.

Preview button:
By clicking this button, you can see the whole slideshow output before using it at the frontend.

Edit buttons:
Takes you to a form like what you saw in the “Add slide” page. But, this time, all the data you have entered for the slide is automatically loaded in each field.

Delete buttons:
Clicking this button, you will be required to confirm the removal request, and if you agree with that, the slide with all of the objects and particles included will be deleted from the database.