Create New Slideshow

This form is the shortest in the whole admin area. Here you can create a slideshow and set the qualities you need for it. There are a few options in this form that are all explained below.

Fields with * are required.

Regular title for slideshow.

Unique name for the slideshow. Needs to be started with letters. Only, lowercase letters, numbers, and underscore is allowed. If the value you give it is not valid, the form will generate a slug automatically regarding the slideshow ID.

This is an extra feature to keep your notes about the slideshow, so you can be reminded later.

This option keeps looping the slides on. If you have more than one slide in a slideshow and you want to slide them automatically by default, the loop option will tell the system to loop the slides and show them again and again.

Show Navigation:
This option controls the visibility of the slideshow navigation/menu.

Show navigation labels:
Navigation buttons can carry a label with the slide name that can be displayed on the mouseover event.

Pause on hover:
If you turn on this option, the animation will be frozen when the visitor holds the mouse cursor on the slideshow.

Save button:
This green button will save all the data to the database and takes you to the main screen, where you can see the slideshow that you created at the bottom of the slideshow list of this page.